Matyas Somlyo (Pinot Blanc)

Matyas Somlyo - Pinot Blanc Wine

Matyas Somlyo (Pinot Blanc)

Mátyás Somlyó is a blend of barrel-fermented, orange and other long skin-contact pinot blanc from Slovakia. On the nose, it is dominated by ripe or overripe scents of peach and pear. This character is a result of the oxidative winemaking method. By pouring to glass and getting in touch with air, the fruity character strengthens, then, after a while, the oxidative style is getting dominant, showing typical tones of green walnut.

In the mouth, the mineral saltiness and sourness, coming from the soil, is in perfect harmony with the ripe fruit tones, completed by the light tannins, which makes the overall feel of acidity just about perfect.

Wild yeast fermented. Unfined. Unfiltered.

Pairs well with white meat and pork made with cream or sour cream, also with meals with green herbs, such as thyme, sage or rosemary. Mátyás Somlyó is a great company for aged or smoked cheeses, or aged dried ham.


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Weight 3.5 lbs

Mátyás Family Estate