Terraneo Merchants Natural Wines

Terraneo Merchants was launched with the intention of sharing our passion, love, and knowledge for the vinous exotica that we call natural wines. After a decade in the wine trade, we found ourselves committed to and most excited by natural aka low intervention wines. We fell in love with the history, traditions, and authentic flavors. We realized we were on an endless journey of discovering special winegrowers and exciting new flavors. Recently, we decided it was time to share our journey with the world via the Terraneo Merchants Club and Bottle Shop.

At Terraneo Merchants our mission is to bring you authentic, artisanal wine from all around the world, with a focus on natural wine made from biodynamic, organic, and dry-farmed grapes. You will not find any mass-produced industrial wines here, check your local supermarket or big box store for that. We prefer to support the artisanal winegrowers.

Through the years we developed special relationships with top winegrowers and gained access to some special wines. It’s through these wines that we plan to share with you the history, cultures and flavors of a journey we call the Terraneo Merchants.

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Natural Wine

Natural wine is crafted in small batches from hand-harvested, organic or biodynamic grapes, with minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar. Natural wine is nothing new, if fact it’s a continuation of chemical-free farming and winemaking methods which have been done in some parts of the world for over 8000 years. Natural winemakers don’t use industrial chemicals in their vineyards or cellars. Instead, they employ natural solutions with a goal to create a bio-diverse ecosystem that’s sustainable and healthy for the environment, their families and their grapes.

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Organic Wine

Organic wine is wine made with grapes farmed organically. Organic farming is similar to biodynamic farming and focuses on sustainability. Organic farming does don’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other products widely used in conventional farming. Organic farming is more manual labor intensive and more dependent on the weather.

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Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamic wine is wine made with grapes farmed according to  biodynamic principles, a philosophy founded in the 1920s by the Austrian scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to farming, and considers the farm as a living organism. Biodiversity in the ecosystem is encouraged, moon phases are carefully followed, and only natural remedies such as tea and herbal tinctures are allowed.  Demeter certifies biodynamic wines in the USA and the world.

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Vegan Wine

Vegan wine is wine made without using animal products during the winemaking process. Before wine is bottled it is sometimes clarified and filtered in order to remove solids. One method to achieve this is via fining agents derived from animals, such as egg whites and casein. This results in Non-Vegan friendly wines.

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Low Sulfite Wine

Sulfites are a natural phenomenon of winemaking.  During fermentation a small quantity of sulfur dioxide is released into the wine as a form of natural preservative. Additional Sulfites is often as a preservative. The maximum legal limit of Sulfites in wine in the United States is 350 mg/l.   Terraneo Merchants Natural wines contain far less sulfites at approximately 40 to 80 mg/l. maximum depending on the winemaker and wine.