Matic Wines Sipon (Furmint)

Šipon Wine (Furmint)

Matic Wines Sipon (Furmint)

Šipon (also known as Furmint) is a native grape found mostly in Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary. In Hungary’s famous Tokaj region, Šipon is known as Furmint, and it is the main grape of Tokaj wines. Matic Šipon comes from his nearly 50 year old vines in Štajerska (Styria) region . Beautiful stone fruit notes and mouthwatering acidity make it a perfect food wine. Notes of fresh orange and lemon on the finish. Aged in steel on the fine lees, this wine has finesse and body to back it all up. Enjoy with salads, fish, grilled white meats.


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Matic Wines Mea Pet-Nat (Šipon / Furmint)

Matic Wines Mea Pet-Nat (Šipon / Furmint)

Petillant Naturel, or “Pet Nat,” is a natural sparkling wine, wild yeast fermented and aged in the bottle. This winemaking method is ancient, and the first method used to produce sparkling wines. It’s also called Method Ancestral, the method of our ancestors. Delicious mineral and fruit notes of the old vine Šipon are integrated with yeast notes from bottle fermentation. Flavors of citrus fruits and notes of bread, cookies, spice, and sometimes beer or cider flavors are noticeable. Cloudy, pale white in color, Matic describes this wine as “one funky piece of winemaking!” It’s a consistent crowd favorite and our essential sparkling wine.

Matic Wines Mea Orange Amfora Pet-Nat (Riesling)

Matic Wines Mea Orange Amfora Pet-Nat (Riesling)

This Pet Nat is a special and exclusive wine from young Slovenian producer named Matic. Organic and biodynamic farmed Riesling, hand harvested and wild yeast fermented and aged for 22 days on the skins in a clay Amfora. Unfiltered, no added sulfites.  This wine is a fresh, dry sparkling that will reward the adventurous drinkers. Herbal and earthy notes with some fresh peach, great acidity, tons of flavor and complexity. Serve well chilled and gently turn bottle upside down and roll bottle before opening. Excellent as a party starter or with light meals.