Krasna Hora Pinot Noir

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Krasna Hora Pinot Noir

An elegant and beautiful Pinot Noir. Ruby-colored with a bright purple hue. The lovely nose is brimming with red berries, cranberries, and subtle touches of violets and roses. The bouquet shows intense cherry and raspberry fruits along with hints of violets and thyme.

On the palate one immediately picks an intense fruitiness with balanced and silky tannins and a refreshing, mouth-watering finish. The wine has a very long lingering aftertaste.

Krasna Hora Pinot Noir has that delicate lightness, yet still a firm grip and powerful presence on the palate. This lovely natural wine is made without fining or filtration.

Pinot Noir is a very versatile food pairing wine given its higher high acidity and lower tannin. This rendition of Pinot Noir pairs exceptionally well with duck, chicken, pork, and mushrooms.


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Pivnica Cajkov Pesecká Leánka Rustical

Pivnica Cajkov Pesecká Leánka Rustical

A local variety Pesecká Leánka is the Cajkov winery princess, and an essential part of the family tradition. Pesecká was the favourite wine of the owners’ grandparents.

It is simply a delicate and elegant wine, with plenty of fresh acidity, making it perfectly suitable for every moment of the day.

The wine was aged for one year in oak barrels. On the nose it radiates seductive crisp scents of freshly baked apricot cake. The backbone of the wine is a long lemon-style acidity, coupled with typical sweets tannins on the finish.

Pesecká Leánka Rustical is a superb natural wine for warmer days ahead of us.

Pivnica Cajkov Empress Frankovka

Pivnica Cajkov Empress Frankovka

Frankovka (or Blaufränkisch) is the most typical red wine variety native to the old Habsburg monarchy. The grapes are coming from Sitno Volcano at the northern border of winegrowing in Central Europe.

Wine is macerated for 28 days on the skins in open vats, and then matured in old oak barrels for three years.

Cajkov Empress Frankovka is bursting with fresh mineral acidity, with superbly integrated alcohol. This wine is a sophisticated reminiscent of Pinot Noir style. It also has a great ageing potential.

Frankovka is a superb match for variety of lamb dishes and grilled meats.