Bazalik Intro

Bazalik Intro

Bazalik Intro

For Michal Bažalík, winemaking is a combination of craft, culture, tradition and love for the land, which he probably inherited from his ancestors. He took over the old barren vineyards above Svätý Jura a few years ago from the cooperative, and works them together with his family and friends. The vines are farmed using organic methods, and no chemicals are used in vineyards or cellar. “I think that life doesn’t need a lot. I want to live from what this earth gives me. I’m fascinated by creating, creating something from nothing, completely from the ground up. To live in a place where everything is born, to be a part of the whole process. To grow grapes with humility, without chemicals and with care for yourself and the environment. To make good wine from it with joy and to enjoy it with your loved ones. I think that’s how wine should be.

Pesecka Leanka aka Fetesca Regala. A delicate and authentic variety of Central Europe. This wine wild yeast fermented in stainless steel tanks. It’s low alcohol and delicate, fun wine for aperitif or brunch.


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